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  1. End of game
  2. Goal AS MonacoHelder COSTA
  3. Replacement AS MonacoBernardo SILVAKylian MBAPPE LOTTIN
  4. Replacement Toulouse FC BEN YEDDER PESIC
  5. Replacement Toulouse FC TREJO REGATTIN
  6. Replacement AS MonacoThomas LEMARHelder COSTA
  7. Goal AS MonacoGuido CARRILLO
  8. Replacement Toulouse FC TISSERAND MACHACH
  9. Yellow card AS MonacoJoao MOUTINHO
  10. Yellow card AS MonacoBernardo SILVA
  11. Goal AS MonacoFabio COENTRÃO
  12. Yellow card Toulouse FC SOMALIA
  13. Replacement AS MonacoLacina TRAOREGuido CARRILLO
  14. Goal AS MonacoBernardo SILVA
  15. Beginning of game
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