Match centre
  1. Goal AS MonacoFares BAHLOULI
  2. End of game
  3. Goal LOSC Lille SIDIBE
  4. Replacement LOSC Lille BOUFAL TALLO
  5. Replacement LOSC Lille OBBADI MAVUBA
  6. Goal LOSC Lille OBBADI
  7. Replacement AS MonacoVagner LOVEFares BAHLOULI
  8. Goal LOSC Lille EDER
  9. Red card AS MonacoUwa Echiejile ELDERSON
  10. Replacement AS MonacoThomas LEMARKylian MBAPPE LOTTIN
  11. Replacement AS MonacoNabil DIRARGuido CARRILLO
  12. Replacement LOSC Lille BALMONT SOUMAORO
  13. Red card LOSC Lille CIVELLI
  14. Yellow card AS MonacoFabio Henrique FABINHO
  15. Yellow card AS MonacoAndrea RAGGI
  16. Goal LOSC Lille AMALFITANO
  17. Yellow card LOSC Lille OBBADI
  18. Beginning of game
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