Match centre
  1. End of game
  2. Replacement LOSC LilleMounir OBBADISoualiho MEÏTÉ
  3. Yellow card LOSC LilleSofiane BOUFAL
  4. Replacement LOSC LilleBaptiste GUILLAUMEJunior TALLO
  5. Replacement AS MonacoJoão MOUTINHOFortuna Dos Santos WALLACE
  6. Yellow card LOSC LilleMounir OBBADI
  7. Replacement AS MonacoGuido CARRILLOStephan EL SHAARAWY
  8. Replacement AS MonacoLayvin KURZAWAAnthony MARTIAL
  9. Yellow card LOSC LilleRenato CIVELLI
  10. Yellow card AS MonacoBernardo SILVA
  11. Replacement LOSC LilleSébastien CORCHIAAdama SOUMAORO
  12. Yellow card LOSC LilleSébastien CORCHIA
  13. Beginning of game
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