Match centre
  1. End of game
  2. Replacement AS MonacoYannick F. CARRASCOLucas OCAMPOS
  3. Goal AS MonacoYannick F. CARRASCO
  4. Goal AS MonacoGeoffrey KONDOGBIA
  5. Replacement AS MonacoValère GERMAINBernardo SILVA
  6. Replacement SC BastiaHervin ONGENDADjibril CISSE
  7. Replacement AS MonacoLacina TRAOREAnthony MARTIAL
  8. Yellow card AS MonacoAndrea RAGGI
  9. Yellow card SC BastiaJulian PALMIERI
  10. Goal SC BastiaChristopher MABOULOU
  11. Goal AS MonacoValère GERMAIN
  12. Beginning of game