Esports 13 October 2019, 17:15

Let's go "Wawa" !

Let's go "Wawa" !
A recent recruit by AS Monaco Esports, Marwan Berthe, aka "Wawa", last weekend won the UFA 2019 on Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

The all-new Esport player, “Wawa”, shone last weekend in winning the UFA 2019 tournament DBFZ, a major VS Fighting event for the World Tour, for which gathered more than 200 participants in Paris.

Performing all of last weekend and already by Friday winner of the team competition, “Wawa” beat Frenchman Kyne in the final. In the semifinals, he had dismissed the American SonicFox, second-ranked player in the world.

With this performance, “Wawa” climbs to 5th place in the world rankings.

Another AS Monaco Esports VS Fighting player, Mr. Crimson, participated inStreet Fighter V, winning the team tournament.


If he was not able to go all the way, the third player of the team present in Paris, “Vins”, for his part gained some notoriety with one of the most beautiful actions of the weekend,which was all the buzz on the social networks

What a way to launch the new VS Fighting for AS Monaco Esports, in the most beautiful way.

Rise. Risk. Repeat.