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Aleksandr Golovin : "I feel like this is home"

Aleksandr Golovin : "I feel like this is home"
Here are some excerpts of the interview the Russian international midfielder gave to the media during a press briefing two days before AS Monaco - PSG.
It's a very important match for us. Of course PSG are a very strong opponent, but we approach this match with the will to win it. We need to win, that's our goal, we will fight to the end.
Today I feel like this is home. I have to help my team to the maximum, to be at my best; we still have all our chances in this season and we will do everything to reach our goal.

I agree with the coach. During the matches there are still times when I do not make the right decision, moments when I can shoot on goal, but where I take another decision, sometimes one that is worse. I can have more impact and I still have to progress. It may be related to my lack of experience, I am working on it and I try to be more efficient day after day.
I personally wish that more Russian players would come to Europe and play in the biggest leagues, it would be good for Russian football.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.