Interview 24 September 2019, 12:12

Christophe and Sébastien on their derby poster

Christophe and Sébastien on their derby poster
Winners of a graphic design contest organized on the club's social networks, Christophe Chevalier and Sébastien Garcia have produced for AS Monaco a poster for the against OGC Nice. The two thirty-something Toulousains tell us about what inspired them to try their luck.

Gentlemen, as a preamble to this interview let’s start with introductions…

Christophe: I’m Christophe, 32 years old, I’m a web developer and I work with Sébastien in a computer company based in Toulouse.

Sébastien: And I’m Sébastien, same age as Christophe, but for my part I’m a graphic designer.

I start most of my days browsing the various social networks of the club.
Christophe Chevalier

Why and how did you decide to participate in the poster competition organized by AS Monaco for the derby?
Christophe : Being a supporter of AS Monaco, I start most of my days browsing the various social networks of the club. That’s how one morning I came across this contest and I suggested entering to Sébastian

Sébastien : I said yes because I found the challenge nice. With Christophe I share the passion of football, we play together elsewhere, and little by little he has shared with me his passion for AS Monaco. Basically I don’t support any team, but he is converting me.

How did you become a supporter of AS Monaco, Christophe?
That goes back to the title-winning side of 1997, with Barthez, Little, Gallardo, Henry, Trezeguet, Anderson … I played football in a small club and my first jersey was from the club. I was a very big fan of Fabien Barthez and very impressed by Thierry Henry; they were like a machine on the pitch! Some time later, I worked for a year in the Principality. I lived in La Turbie at the time and I often went to the training center to see the players. Only good memories!

The two clubs share the color red, so we quickly settled on this very marked visual style, with this white flash which reinforces this idea of a "fight".
Sébastien Garcia

Tell us a bit about your approach for this poster?
Christophe : Since it’s a derby, we wanted to emphasize the “confrontation” aspect. When we think of the derby, we think of a fight first. Without going too far, we looked a little to the spirit of the gladiator.

Sébastien : The two clubs share the color red, so we quickly settled on this very marked visual style, with this white flash which reinforces this idea of a “fight”. This is also what guided us in the choice of players.

Christophe : Exactly. We wanted players who represent both their team and this warrior spirit that thrills the fans. Cyprien embodies this desire concerning for OGC Nice and the duo of Ben Yedder and Slimani seemed to us an obvious choice.

Sébastien : In fact we did the poster before the match against Marseille and even if the final result was not favorable, Ben Yedder and Slimani were involved in both goals

Christophe : Of course it’s hard for us right now with these results, but these two players bring us a lot. Besides, we were happy to find a nice picture with both because we did not want to make a choice between one or the other.

La photo originale d'Islam Slimani et Wissam Ben Yedder.
La photo originale de Wylan Cyprien
L'affiche de Christophe et Sébastien.
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You will be present at the stadium for this derby, this is a first for you, Sébastien?
Sébastien : Exactly. I already had the opportunity to visit the Principality with my parents, but I did not see the stadium. I can’t wait to check it out.

Christophe :
For my part I already know the stadium well, but I am very happy to come back and see my friends here in Monaco.

The match is taking place on a Tuesday, it was not too complicated to organize?
Christophe : We did not hesitate for a second to ask two days off. Our agency manager knows that I am passionate about football and AS Monaco; he understood immediately that it was an opportunity not to be missed!

Sébastien :
And then the club has everything planned to allow us to have a great time. All that’s missing is a Monegasque victory!

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