UEFA Champions League 05 November 2018, 20:22

Djibril Sidibé: "I hope this will change tomorrow"

One day before Club Brugge's UEFA Champions League reception, Thierry Henry and Djibril Sidibé answered questions from journalists.

Thierry Henry :

“It will happen normally, not everything is done in two weeks. Things have been done recently, and it has worked, particularly in Brugge. The defeat at Reims is difficult to accept because we did not show anything. It’s not easy because it was a little better before this match against Reims.”

“We work on a lot of things, trying to change according to the players who come back from injury, we try to find the right formula. This Champions League game is a good thing because it can give us good momentum if there is a victory, which is very important to regain confidence.This makes it possible to work differently. When you win, trust comes naturally.”

Djibril Sidibé :

“I am at the disposal of the group and ready to play this game. The goal is to play a big Champions League match to gain confidence. We are going through a difficult period but tomorrow we are playing a competition that makes every kid dream. We have the chance to play this game back home, we will have to show a lot of determination to win. “

“Mentally the players are affected, me the first, but everyone must question themselves. We must work and reverse the situation with rigor. In the last matches there have been a lot of good things even if it has been difficult. We did not lose our football overnight. I hope that will change tomorrow. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.