Ligue 1 – Conforama 19 January 2019, 23:57

Thierry Henry: "Improve defense and work"

Thierry Henry: "Improve defense and work"
The coach spoke at a press conference after the defeat against Strasbourg (1-5). Excerpts.

The VAR did not work on the foul on Rony Lopes. Why did the VAR not work? … The referee told me that the VAR did not work at this time. Since my arrival I did not blame referees or VAR. It is a little too much for me.

We were much better at 10 minutes in the first period. And that’s when we scored and we should have had this penalty.

Since I arrived here, I said, we are fighting to stay up. It will be necessary to make the defense improve, work and play better.

Naldo’s red card is deserved from his position as the last defender. There was an error and he recognizes it. Since his arrival he has helped us more than anything else.

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