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Jemerson: "Ready for this fight"

Jemerson: "Ready for this fight"
Jemerson spoke to a press conference two days before the meeting in Nîmes (J36); here are the excerpts.

“Of course it’s a delicate situation. The important thing is to keep our confidence. We have to rely on the group and do everything to maintain our advantage over our opponents.”

“Those who play always give their best to help the team. We expect to play a tough one this Saturday. The coach has warned us that the physical aspect will be important. It’s up to us to be ready for this fight.”

“We realize we have to focus on ourselves and not think about other teams. Fear will not help us in this situation. We have to keep moving forward.”

“We will count on each other, and together we must find the way to victory. The experienced players motivate the group and make us never give up.”

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