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Keita Baldé : "I have more maturity"

Keita Baldé : "I have more maturity"
The trip to Paris, his role in the team, its objectives ... Keita Baldé addressed these subjects during the press briefing two days before facing Paris Saint-Germain.
Against Paris it's always a great occasion, they are a very big team, we're going to go there to play with pleasure and to give everything.
They are very good but here, the idea is not to talk too much before the match ... We can go there and even if we are not favorite, we can win. A match is always a battle you want to win, this one is like the others.
I returned to Monaco to play an important role after my experience at Inter Milan. Before I was playing less, but the important thing is to make a difference when you are on the pitch and to enjoy it as well. There is no secret, it is only work that has paid off and self-confidence.

I'm more mature. Today I am a father, it changes a lot of things. I am quieter, I think more; it's a natural process, I am 24 years old -- it is normal.
When I played in Monaco the first year the objective was to be first or second. For me to be playing in Monaco is to want to be at the top and give everything to be there. The coach has explained very well what he wants to do, we listen to him and now we are working to put everything in place; little by little we will improve.
Pressing and defensive play is more a question of desire and willpower than training. In the last match, we all did well, especially in the first half. We must continue on this path.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.