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L.Jardim: "It will make us progress"

L.Jardim: "It will make us progress"
The Mister ran in a press conference after losing to OM (3-2). Excerpts.

“The first half was balanced and hard-fought between the two teams, in the second we scored but it was not enough to take points.The goal is not achieved, we will work.

The idea is to progress at all levels, whether collectively or individually. My players gave everything today. They ran a lot, won duels and hurried the opponent. But we missed opportunities. The team had a good attitude and with the work we will reach a higher level.

We need more time to build an eleven. It is necessary to take into account the new ones like Chadli or Golovin and the progression of the other players.

The goal is to take the maximum points and it is not realized at the moment. I’m not surprised because I know the French championship. Our job is to rebuild a team with this new group.

We just need time to get to the level everyone wants us to play: fans, leaders and myself! Everyone gives their best to progress.

These are games like tonight that will make us progress. Each team makes its history, we must not make any comparison between clubs or compared to past seasons.”

Rise. Risk. Repeat.