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Leonardo Jardim : "All of the players are important"

Leonardo Jardim : "All of the players are important"
Hear from Leonardo Jardim's press conference before the reception of Amiens.
Of course we are still far from the podium, but we are working to get there and to get there we need to take points and win games. The beginning of the season made us fall behind, now we are trying to catch up. Now there is Amiens at home and our goal remains the same: take three points.
Slimani is an important player but we have other players who are as important and I must always think of those who are available to me. And at the moment I have 100% confidence in these players.

Fàbregas played, but after the match he was injured ... We have a good squad, with four or five players able to play in midfield. I made the decision to bring him on for the second half in Toulouse, but I rely on him 100% as on the others. The team has solutions and all of the players are important. But of course we rely a lot on Cesc, his incredible technique, his vision, his experience and his leadership.
We have two days of recovery. Tomorrow we will train and decide upon the best options for Saturday.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.