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Leonardo Jardim: "Clench our teeth and push our limits"

Leonardo Jardim: "Clench our teeth and push our limits"
The coach spoke to the media two days before the match against PSG (matchday 33); here are the excerpts.

“I watched PSG’s last games. I saw some great players, and despite their last two defeats, it’s a very strong team.”

“After this game, we will have five more games to play and I hope my team will continue to get the points we need to keep us going – we have to clench our teeth and push our limits.”

“In the last three games, we missed a lot of chances. We managed to control our games without taking the advantage by scoring on our opponents. In Paris, we have the ambition to play our game. Let’s not change identities for this game as the players’ work to be more efficient in the small spaces, in the midfield. “

“Of course there is always danger. If the teams at the bottom of the table chase the victories, they can quickly go up the table. We have better average of points obtained in this second part of the season but it will be necessary to be fastidious to stay up. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.