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Leonardo Jardim: "Responsible for this situation"

Leonardo Jardim: "Responsible for this situation"
Leonardo Jardim answered questions at a press conference two days before the reception of Amiens (J37); here are the excerpts.

“Fabregas did the last two training sessions with the group, he is an important player who is good for the team. He stopped for 4 or 5 weeks and it’s hard to come back for a whole match. As a coach, I always try to be honest, tell the truth to the players, we are the ones responsible for this situation.”

“I think every team is in the same league, if we think we deserve better than our opponents, we have to show it on the pitch. We will play against an opponent who has the same goal as us, who is very good at defending. I am in regular contact with Oleg Petrov and the management, they are there daily with us and support us. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.