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Leonardo Jardim: "We are able to get out of this position"

Leonardo Jardim: "We are able to get out of this position"
The manager appeared in front of the media two days before the visit from FC Nantes. Excerpts.

“Aleksandr did a test this Thursday morning in training. I’m still waiting to know how his injury is evolving. He has a shot on the bone but I think the ligaments are not affected. We will follow that closely. This Thursday he trained with bandages. ”

“Our goal is to think about the next games and we have to keep working. Of course the teams at the bottom of the table all have the same goal. I believe that with our efforts and our new recruits, we are able to get out of this position.”

“In the game, we can further advance the team and its quality. We must know how to make the right offensive and defensive decisions. In the last game, we had some complicated moments. But we are facing these situations. “

“My reaction on arbitration against Montpellier? In these moments, you have to know how to control yourself. Power is on the other side. I do not need to talk. I am like Copernicus and Galileo. They were right about the solar system, but they preferred not to say anything. In seventeen years, I have never been expelled. I did not say anything to the referee. I will not appeal.”

Rise. Risk. Repeat.