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Leonardo Jardim : "We want to do more"

Leonardo Jardim : "We want to do more"
The coach went to the media before the trip to Angers; here are some excerpts.
We can talk about a series before Nice, then a second series after the derby. It is this second series that is important. But we want to do more, it's important to follow up on these results, to take points to keep moving up the table.
I know Angers and its coach well. I think Angers have progressed in the last four seasons. Before that it played more directly, relying on big players. They have more dynamic play today, with more possession. I watched their last games, they sometimes had 50% or even 60% possession. And they're still a very strong team at home.

To compose a team is always to seek the best balance. We have a lot of choices today in how we set up the team, and we also know that we have strength on the bench to bring in players who can make an impact during the match.
The most important thing is not to lose our energy. We must think first of Angers, then of the two games against Lille.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.