History 12 September 2018, 22:03

Academy players face their glorious seniors

In the company of the players who made the legend of the club, the young people of the Academy have watched "The Red Journey", documentary of 2004 which retraces the European course of the teammates of Ludovic Giuly. Sharing and transmission are on the agenda.

If for many young people of the Academy, the epic of the AS Monaco is only a distant memory, four executives of this adventure came to remind them of these hours of glory. Led by Didier Deschamps, the Principality’s players reached the Champions League final on May 26, 2004. Real Madrid and Chelsea in particular are among the teams eliminated by the Rouge et Blanc.

It was at the heart of the Louis II stadium that Flavio Roma, Sébastien Squillaci, Gaël Givet and Ludovic Giuly welcomed the young people from the Academy. Before the broadcast, the word is given to Antoine Leroy: “The purpose of this presentation is above all to transmit everything that this group has shared. The journalist also stressed the impact of the good atmosphere that prevailed in this group. Atmosphere which according to him can sometimes exceed the sporting result.

For an hour, Academy players, former stars of the adventure, as well as Jean Petit, Didier Deschamps’s deputy during the competition, returned for the experience.

Once the documentary finished, the opinion of the elders is unanimous on the impact of the collective strength of a team. “Football needs fifteen kids who get on well, if you want to grow it’s not all alone but all together. Reach out, it’s always easier for many,” says Ludovic Giuly before continuing,” I’m lucky to have won several titles but I’ve never felt the emotion that was with this group.”

The same goes for Gaël Givet, who holds above all “the human adventure and the links that have been created.” Sébastien Squillaci corroborates these remarks in a more personal way: “If there is something to remember tonight, it’s is the group, even though I was disappointed to be a substitute during the final, I was really happy for the buddies in the field.


Rise. Risk. Repeat.