Club 07 June 2019, 17:47

O. Petrov: "Bring the club back to the top"

His first months at AS Monaco, the ambitions for the new season, the state of mind, the transfer window ... Meet Vice President Oleg Petrov

“I feel good, it was a time rich in emotions and experiences. This period was very useful for me and I want to thank all our supporters for their support to the end, despite the difficult situation.

We are ambitious and we remain one of the strongest clubs in Ligue 1. The road will be long heading to the top three but our ambition is to get back on the podium. We will have to compete with PSG, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lille .. But I am convinced that we will really have a chance to play, that we can do much better and we will do everything to try to get on the podium.

We must work hard to restore the club’s reputation. Something that we really need to do is find the fighting spirit, the culture of victory, and when we represent Monaco, we really have to fight to get things done.

Next season, to achieve our goals, we need to look for new profiles. Ambitious players, young people who want to fight, who are hungry for victory and who will do their best to achieve the goals. I have known President Rybolovlev for many years. He is a very ambitious person and, of course, he is a man of honor and great ambitions. He is personally involved in many strategic decisions. Without a doubt, he wants to bring the club back to the top as soon as possible. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.