Training 14 November 2019, 17:34

There's no break in effort

There's no break in effort
With the inclusion of some memebers of the reserve team to complete an squad missing its internationals, but also the progressive returns of injured players, Leonardo Jardim did not release the pressure on his squad as it approaches the home stretch of the year 2019.

The team’s determination was again palpable this Thursday at La Turbie, with the cold gradually arriving on the Côte d’Azur. Progressing also are the returns of  several players whom we had the pleasure to see involved in a session in a good mood, but nevertheless very hotly contested.

Pietro Pellegri continues to increase his  strength while Stevan Jovetic is gradually being integrated back into the sessions. The Montenegrin thus occupied the role of a “joker,” meaning he avoids any contact with the opposition, in order to find some collective sense of play.


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For his part, Cesc Fàbregas worked on the sidelines of the group session, running at a jog. Injured in his right hamstring during the Coupe de la Ligue match against OM, he is following the classic athletic recovery protocol.

This Friday the Red and Whites will play a friendly game that will be filmed against Genoa. The highlights of this match will be relayed on Twitter.


Rise. Risk. Repeat.