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Playing for AS Monaco and PSG

Playing for AS Monaco and PSG
Many players have worn the jersey of both AS Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain. The second match between the two teams this Wednesday evening is an opportunity to look back on this shared history.

This is a story which continues in the present and you only have to look at the strength of the two teams this season to realize it. Three players trained at PSG play at AS Monaco: Jean-Kévin Augustin, Fodé Ballo-Touré and Arthur Zagré, while three players trained at AS Monaco appear in the Parisian ranks, Layvin Kurzawa, Abdou Diallo, and of course Kylian Mbappé.


Youri Djorkaeff and Daniel Bravo, opponents during a match between PSG and AS Monaco. After winning the Coupe de France with Monaco (1985 for Bravo, 1991 for Djorkaeff), the two players won the Cup Winners’ Cup together with PSG in 1996.


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Ricardo congratulates Nenê in 2008. The forward would join PSG two years later.

Complete list of players who have worn both the PSG and AS Monaco jersey

Goalkeeper : Daniel Bernard

Defenders : Fodé Ballo-Touré, Abdou Diallo, Arthur Zagre, Laywin Kurzawa Eric Cubillier, Yvon le Roux, Jimmy Algerino, Daniel Zorzetto, José-Karl Pierre-Fanfan, Patrice Evra (réserve PSG)

Midfielders : Nenê, Jérôme Rothen, Edouard Cissé, Ali Benarbia, Daniel Bravo, Youri Djorkaeff, Xavier Gravelaine, Christian Perez, Franck Gava, Fabrice Poullain, Jean-Paul Rostagni, Bernard Guignedoux, Jean-Pierre Dogliani,

Forwards : Jean-Kévin Augustin, Kylian Mbappe, Ludovic Giuly, Marcelo Gallardo, George Weah, Marco Simone, Michael Madar, Jérémy Menez, Omar Da Fonseca Amara Simba, Bruno Rodriguez, Jacques Remond, Louis Floch, James Debbah, Alain Couriol

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