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Recap: Presentation of Recruits

Recap: Presentation of Recruits
The five new players of this summer transfer window were presented Wednesday at the Louis II stadium, along with Oleg Petrov, the club's vice president and general manager. Read the best moments of this press conference.

Oleg Petrov:

“We have the ambition to have good results. The goal does not change. I will not give names for future recruits. We are looking for top quality players who will integrate into the collective group.

At the moment we do not have our complete team. The players did not have time to refine their autonomy. I’m sure things will be better, players coming in want to be successful. ”

“We hope that Radamel Falcao will stay at the club, that’s our goal. He’s a great player, a great professional, who has a great history with AS Monaco.

The idea this season is to play with two strikers. That’s why we want to keep Falcao. For the attack, we have several solutions. With Pietro Pellegri’s return to training for example. We will focus now on midfield and central defense.

I understand the discontent of the fans following the first match, but I can assure you that everyone is doing their best. Be it the players, the recruits who display a very good state of mind, or the coach and his staff, who give their maximum input.”

Benjamin Lecomte:

“This is not the start of the championship we were hoping for, but there is a team that is being built. We need some time, and I remain convinced that we will be competitive.

AS Monaco? It’s a very nice step, I immediately accepted. This is the type of club I wanted to play for, in terms of ambition and what I aspire to. We are in very close contact with the club. ”

“We are under construction, we have to give ourselves time. There is talent in the team, and with cohesion and work, beautiful things will happen.”

Ruben Aguilar:

“I have not even been here for two weeks now, but the squad is alive and well. All players are 100% involved, we are competitors and we want to show what we are worth.

In the first two games, there have been hardships against us. I had a red card for an excess of force. It’s up to me to handle those emotions in the future. ”

“Being selected is on the mind of each player. I will continue to work, and a good season with AS Monaco could offer me an easy selection.”

Ben Yedder: 

“It’s only the beginning, we can not judge on two matches. Everyone knows that Monaco is a big club, last year was difficult, but we must not forget the last five years, especially the Semi-Final of Champions League in 2017. Today I am in Monaco. I am very happy and satisfied.

It was hard to leave Seville. There were a lot of emotions when I left. With Oleg and the President, we have exchanged a lot of big ambitions. My choice was made with that in mind. When returning to France, the ambition is to continue to progress. ”

“For this choice, I obviously spoke with coach Didier Deschamps, he knows Monaco and was able to advise me on that side.

Today I will be glad that Falcao stays. He is an extraordinary player. If he remains, we will do our best to take the club up. ”


“AS Monaco is a great club and I’m happy to be there. For a young player like me, it’s great to be able to play in a club that aspires to play the big European competitions.”


“Being a champion of Africa is a prideful experience. It is very important for me, I think I can bring to the team some experience, through my experience.

It’s very important to play for a coach that we know. He is aware of my qualities. He is a good coach who knows how to put the players in confident situations. He knows how to encourage you to give everything to the team.”

Rise. Risk. Repeat.