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Robert Moreno : "Content with our evolution"

Robert Moreno : "Content with our evolution"
It is important to win this match against Reims on Saturday and to continue our undefeated streak. We are going to try to take control and play as well we have in the last few meetings.
Stade de Reims is a very defensive team but it has the quality to attack and it will be a very difficult match. The Coupe de France match? It was a good game with Keita Baldé's goal sealing it in the closing minutes. I was very happy with our performance.
The more matches we win, the more we will climb the table. For me, talking about the goal of qualifying for the Champions League does not make sense since I cannot control what will happen in the long term.
Robert Moreno during the match against Dijon FCO, February 22, 2020
The team has changed since I joined the club. I am content with our evolution. We have worked on the defensive side of things in particular and we can see it today.
There are always things to work on after each game. For me, it is necessary to work daily to improve the level of the team and to have a constant progression. Work is very important.
We worked on several things thanks to video and training to improve the defensive qualities of the team. Each player must adapt, according to his abilities, to the situations that he may encounter on the pitch.
It can happen that one makes bad decisions in a match, but the important thing is to analyze it and correct it for the next one. This is also football. Against Dijon, we had a lot of opportunities. I accept that we make mistakes, but not that the players do not do what I ask. I will not accept it if they do not seek to improve themselves.


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