Coupe de France 27 January 2020, 18:51

Robert Moreno : "Have a collective strength"

Robert Moreno : "Have a collective strength"
Before the reception of Saint-Etienne on Tuesday evening at 8:55 pm in the Round of 16 in the Coupe de France, Robert Moreno answered questions from the media during the pre-match press briefing. Excerpts.
We have to improve the defensive side of things. Today we worked on that. Football is complex there are a lot of things you have to work on, it's a collective game. We can point out the error of a player, but before that there are others that have happened. Because a team has to do many things together to reach our level. For this we must correct the whole, not just the individual.
I want to keep a clean sheet, because since my arrival we have scored and conceded goals in each match. If we don't concede a goal, we will win because we have the ability to score in every game.
Willem Geubbels is training normally with us and I hope that next week Pietro Pellegri can also rejoin the team; we have confidence in them.

When you have a match three days after another usually it's difficult. But when you have a match like last Saturday, it's good to have another one come quickly to come back with a good performance and try to correct the situation.
For me Strasbourg was a difficult match for the whole team, not just for Fàbregas. I don't understand how our supporters can whistle a player wearing the AS Monaco jersey. During the match, players need support. I understand the dissatisfaction of the supporters, but it is at the end of the match that this dissatisfaction must be expressed.
The match against Strasbourg is the one where the players have run the most since I have been here. It may sound positive, but it is not. If we have run a lot, it is because we have not done things well. The goal is not to run a lot, but to run well.

There is individual quality, but our tactic is to combine the individual qualities of each player to have a collective strength. If one player makes a mistake, another is there to support him; that's what we are looking for defensively.
We have to give Ben Yedder the opportunity to be closer to the penalty area and that's what we had a hard time doing against Strasbourg. We also analyzed this a lot through video, and we are working on it with the players.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.

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