Coupe de France 18 January 2020, 14:50

Robert Moreno : "It's a question of respect"

Robert Moreno : "It's a question of respect"
Robert Moreno spoke two days ahead of playing a Round of 32 match in the Coupe de France against St-Pryvé / St-Hilaire. He has a look back on the match against PSG, the concept of respect for the opponent and the management of the squad. Excerpts.
We have to analyze each situation, when you work like that, the result is the consequence of our work.
Football is a habit. You have to repeat, repeat. Success in football is about developing habits. Right now, the players don't have the energy to play every three days. Until mid-February, we have a match every three days.
It is difficult to communicate all the information I want. I have to control what I say to the players and what I require of them. I'm going to do everything I can to make the team score more goals and win matches.
For me, 4-1 or 3-1 is the same thing. If we score to make it 3-2, there is the possibility of winning the match. For me, it is important to attack and to accept the risks we take.

We saw Girondins de Bordeaux lose in the Coupe de France and Toulouse do the same against St-Pryvé / St-Hilaire. We have in front of us a team from the National 2 who want to win. If we respect the opponent, we can win. It is a matter of respect, we will have chances to win.
When you are a good professional, you must play equally well against PSG and Saint-Pryvé / Saint-Hilaire. It is a matter of respect. We have to match the intensity level. If we respond in this way, we can win.
We want to go to the next round of the Coupe de France. My players have to show me that they want to play every match. I want a group who are focused.
Today in modern football, the staff is very important. All my work is done by a collective. It's everyone's job to give players the opportunity to be at their best level.
To decide on the team, I'm waiting for the last day of training. I want to see all the training, analyze the videos of these training to see our issues. After that, we will analyze our opponent. Then with the staff, I decide who will play. It's better, I want all the players to think they can play this weekend, that’s my wish.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.

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