Coupe de France 21 January 2020, 00:01

Robert Moreno : "Satisfied with the result and the first half"

Robert Moreno : "Satisfied with the result and the first half"
Here is the reaction of Robert Moreno after his team's qualification for the Round of 16 of the Coupe de France.
I am satisfied with the result and the first half. It was difficult to maintain pressure and intensity when leading 3-0. We are happy to play in the next round against Saint-Etienne, a Ligue 1 team.
We scored three goals in the first half but had opportunities to score more.
I congratulate the players for the victory. Now we have to recover to prepare for Saturday's match against Strasbourg.

This match allowed me to learn a lot about my players, I'm happy.
I got to know Jovetic when he was at Fiorentina and I worked as an assistant at Roma. He's a great player who has been unlucky with injuries. He has great qualities, he is a different player capable of creating an advantage for us.
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