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Robert Moreno : "Show our personality"

Robert Moreno : "Show our personality"
Extracts from the press conference by Robert Moreno two days before the trip to Dijon this Saturday, February 22 at 8:00 p.m. at the Stade Gaston Gerard.
3 wins? It’s always very difficult because Ligue 1 is a championship where all the teams are strong. This good run of form is good news for the team but it has not been easy.
Dijon at home? Saturday's game will be very difficult. It is good news to see that big teams have had difficulties. We have to show our style of play. AS Monaco must attack the whole match, especially focusing on the weak spots of the team. It’s a big goal to win in Dijon because a lot of the top teams couldn't do it.
We are starting to see Willem (Geubbels) and Pietro (Pellegri) come back into very good shape on training. This allows for strong competition among all players at all positions.

The most important thing must be the structure of the team in order to protect our goal well. We must have the humility to do what has to be done for the good of the team.
I trust all of my players. I do not believe in the idea that the eleven starting players must remain the same each time out. I want all of my players to think they can play every match. We’re doing a lot of training so everyone’s used to playing together. I prepare meetings with analysis of the opponent, I choose my players accordingly. I decide at the end of the week who will play on Saturday.
We don't have other players like Gelson Martins. This is the analysis that we do with the staff, we decided to put this system in place but the principles of the game remain the same.
Right now, it's very difficult to talk about third place. We looked at our calendar, it is very difficult heading to the end of the season. We are going to play in Marseille, in Lyon, in Lille. We have to win every match to get closer to this goal.


Rise. Risk. Repeat.