Matches 04 February 2020, 22:43

Robert Moreno : "The win is important"

Robert Moreno : "The win is important"
The reaction of Robert Moreno, satisfied to see his team return to winning ways against Angers.
We needed this result to improve our game, to move forward, to work more calmy. After losing three matches, we have a victory.
I want to have a team that can play defensively and offensively. We have a desire that everyone plays a part in defending. We have progressed as a collective this evening. Victory is important.

When you win, it's always a good evening. We lost a lot of matches and it was important to win to reverse this bad trend. We needed to regain a positive dynamic. We succeeded and I am happy.
In the first half, we managed to attack well, take control of the match. We had clear opportunities. With players of this quality, it’s much easier but we have to attack even more.
My philosophy is to win. When I choose a tactical system, it's to win. Of course the goal is to dominate the game and keep the ball, but when winning involves defending as a team, that’s part of my philosophy.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.