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Thierry Henry : "Find this desire to play"

Thierry Henry : "Find this desire to play"
D-2 before moving to Strasbourg, Thierry Henry presented himself to the media for the traditional press conference. Excerpts.

“I want everyone to be present, it’s always better to work, I’m not impatient but I really want to have everyone to work on some concepts that I want to set up for Strasbourg. The Alsatians have been working in a certain way since the beginning of the season, we will see if it continues on Saturday, and I know they are in a better moment than last year at the same time of the season. It is not easy but we still have tomorrow to work and the video will be my best friend for a while. I’ve already played at the Meinau and I know the atmosphere is amazing, it will not be easy. ”

“I spoke with them to find this desire to play”

“We have to regain confidence and security, there are still some who have been champions of France. Yuri Tielemans was one of them during his time in Anderlecht and there are other players who will become so. It is also necessary to heal the heads at the field level. Being brave is not only relative to the fight that also refers to the aspect of the creativity with the ball. To find that desire to play, to work well while having fun. ”

“When you concede goals it’s not the fault of the defense, it’s there to make up for the mistakes … It must work to find a balance.”

“On doit retrouver de la confiance et de la sécurité. Il y a quand même des cadres qui ont été champions de France. Youri Tielemans en était un lors de son époque à Anderlecht puis il y a d’autres joueurs qui vont le devenir. Il faut aussi soigner les têtes au niveau du terrain en retrouvant de l’allant. Etre courageux ce n’est pas que relatif au combat cela aussi fait référence à l’aspect de l’animation avec le ballon. J’ai parlé avec eux pour qu’ils retrouvent cette envie de jouer, de bien travailler tout en prenant du plaisir.”

“Quand tu prends des buts ce n’est pas directement la faute de la défense. Elle est là pour rattraper les erreurs, le but peut être consécutif à un groupe espacé. Et inversement, quand les attaquants n’ont pas le ballon cela peut aussi venir d’une mauvaise relance de la défense. Il faut travailler pour trouver un équilibre.”

“Falcao will help us move forward “

“Radamel Falcao is the captain, the leader, the scorer. We had the chance to speak before the start of the session, he did not train with us because he just came back from New York. A charismatic leader, we know everything he represents for the team, he will allow us to move forward. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.