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The Super Smash Bros Team performs at the Albion 4

The Super Smash Bros Team performs at the Albion 4
Team AS Monaco Esports Team, composed of Enki, Yass and VinS, participated in the biggest Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament. "The Albion 4" tournament took place in the heart of London's Emirates Stadium.

The Emirates Stadium hosted one of the biggest Super Smash Bros tournaments of the season on July 6 and 7. Nearly 895 of the best players in the world were registered for the event.

Day 1: Top 128 qualifiers

Saturday, July 6, was the first phase of the tournament, in which our players aimed to qualify in the top 128 of the competition. Yass, Enki and VinS finished a perfect round by winning all their pool matches (3/3).

With these results, all four of our players placed in the top-128 of Albion 4.

The first day in video 🎥 :

Day 2: Competition intensifies

The second part of the tournament took place on Sunday, July 7. Of 895 entries, only 128 players including Enki, Yass and VinS, were selected to continue. Unfortunately, VinS and Yass were knocked out after two consecutive defeats against top European players, German and Luxembourger.

Meanwhile, Enki managed to achieve a high level performance. After a first defeat, he pulled himself together and ran off consecutive wins. Using “Pikachu,” he managed to finish 17th in the tournament.

Our Smash Bros Esports Team drew many lessons from the competition. Faced with world-class players, they met expectations and performed at a great level. Accompanied by their manager Jeremy Girardot, the AS Monaco Esports players have outdone themselves, and pushed their limits. At the end of the tournament, they confided in our cameras to deliver their feelings on the competition.

The images 🎥 :

French side “Glutonny” won the tournament. Stay tuned for the final wrap-up video shortly.

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