UEFA Champions League 27 November 2018, 19:25

Thierry Henry: "We know what’s ahead"

Thierry Henry: "We know what’s ahead"
Ambitious but aware of the of the games that await his team and looking for points in Ligue 1, the coach will partly rely on the passion and carefreeness of the young players of the academy to face Atlético de Madrid on Wednesday .

“There is always a possibility, even minimal to qualify for the Europa League. It will not be easy.We continue with Montpellier and Amiens in the days to come. We have called many young players for Madrid, some will start this Wednesday and I know that they will respond. No fear, no apprehension It is very difficult to play here against one of the best teams, coached by one of the best coaches in the world. We are here to try to be competitive. We know what’s ahead.”

“I do not know who will start or not but it may be time to think about the rotation. I ask the young players to have fun. We all love to play. They are not in a dream here, it’s reality. It’s no problem for me to line up young players. It may not be ideal for them but they have to start someday. This highlights the quality of the Academy of AS Monaco.

“The sequence of matches is not easy but the smile is there. We continue to work because the victory in Caen didn’t change our place in the standings. The first stone was laid Saturday in Caen, we will continue. It will not be easy in Madrid.

“Atlético is a real team. They fight for each other. Their coach is extraordinary, it’s an honor to be on the bench next to him. This team plays well. All in front of super fans. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.