UEFA Champions League 06 November 2018, 22:06

Thierry Henry: "If you do not punish, then they punish you."

Thierry Henry: "If you do not punish, then they punish you."
Thierry Henry came to answer journalists' questions after the match against Club Brugge.

“The score does not really reflect the match, but in the Champions League if you do not score, you find yourself in this situation.In spite of our good start to the match, we fail to score. After we take concede three goals in twelve minutes I noticed that as soon as we missed something we stopped playing.”

“When we look at the tactics, we had problems at the beginning of the game We had opportunities despite their defense, but if you do not put the ball away, it becomes difficult.”

“What I remember tonight is that we lost a new player, Kamil Glik, I also remember the good entries of Massengo and Gouano who tried to boost Sofiane Diop, who was still good tonight, and Moussa Sylla improved.. Young people are pulling us up.”

“We have to try to find the right path, now we know what to focus on and we must try to be positive, we have to try to do everything to find calmness, but as long as you don’t win, we miss it, it’s difficult.”

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