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Three years of Esports at AS Monaco

Three years of Esports at AS Monaco
Launched in October 2016, AS Monaco Esports, the club's electronic sports section, is reaching a new level this season.

After three years of evolution and its  first titles obtained on Pro Evolution Soccer (Top 1 efootball Pro, Top 1 PES League, French Championship), Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Dreamhack Tours, Top 3 Brussels Challenge) and Rocket League, AS Monaco Esports is accelerating its development and continues to explore new arenas.

Walid « Usmakabyle » Tebane and Lotfi « Lotfi » Derradji
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  • If the club has reinforced its investment to win the aforementioned titles, it has also decided to launch an ambitious assault on titles with a different dimension to not only Fortnite, but also Street Fighter or Dragon Ball Z … Other games await!

    With more than twenty professional players under contract and five people dedicated to the smooth running of the team, AS Monaco Esports are pioneers in the highly competitive world of the electronic sports world.

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