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Vadim Vasilyev: "Our goal is to do a lot better"

Vadim Vasilyev: "Our goal is to do a lot better"
Vadim Vasilyev, Vice President of AS Monaco, showed up in the mixed zone after the draw against Dijon (2-2).

“It is not enough. Especially what I saw in the first 60 minutes. We are in danger. It is not because the club is called AS Monaco that we will get out of this situation. It is by the awareness of the seriousness of this situation, individual but also collective, and a reaction is needed, by the work and by the state of mind.”

“I am aware of the situation. We work in good conditions. We are all very well paid and we are all here because we want to move this club forward. I ask everyone, not just the players present tonight, but the whole group to be aware of the seriousness of the situation and make every effort to improve.”

“We will rely on players who have the desire and pride to wear the colors of the Red and White. This is not our place, we have no excuses. This club deserves a lot better and it is our duty to improve for the club. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.