Club 13 December 2018, 18:01

Yabo Sport becomes AS Monaco’s official regional partner in Asia

Yabo Sport becomes AS Monaco’s official regional partner in Asia
The Club is delighted to announce that Yabo Sport becomes AS Monaco’s regional betting partner in Asia.

Yabo Sport is a thriving Asian entertainment platform, but also a serious and rigorous betting platform. Over the past two years since its establishment, Yabo Sport has been pursuing technological innovation and steadily improving the user experience of its website and APP.

Yabo’s odds, compensation and service are all operated at a first-class speed, which is its working principle. Under this premise, the number of Yabo Sport users has gradually increased, and is ranked among the top online betting websites in Asia.

Vadim Vasilyev, Chief Executive Officer of AS Monaco, with Martin Novak, CEO Yabo Sport Europe, on the picture above.

AS Monaco’s football accomplishments and rich history have enabled the club to gain a foothold in the highly competitive French league, and UEFA Champions League. Chinese fans of the French premier league and AS Monaco have also been on the rise this season as games are broadcasted live on Chinese CCTV. We are very happy to work with AS Monaco and believe that the quality of service provided by Yabo Sport will serve the fans well and further enhance the popularity of both parties. After the signing of the partnership agreement between Yabo Sport and AS Monaco, we will carry out together a series of activities benefiting sports fans through brand building, online entertainment, sports welfare and other fields.
 Sunny XuChief Executive Officer of Yabo Sport


We are delighted and proud to announce that we will be strengthening our presence in China thanks to our new partnership with Yabo Sport. Creating unique experiences for our fans and developing our digital strategy have always been at the forefront of our developments. Yabo Sport’ expertise and innovative entertainment content will enable us to expand our footprint in China. We look forward to developing some exciting initiatives together for both AS Monaco and football fans in China.
Vadim VasilyevChief Executive Officer of AS Monaco
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