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AS Monaco announce new Home and Away masks

AS Monaco announce new Home and Away masks
AS Monaco is launching two new mask models today which match with the Home and Away uniforms.

Do you have a weakness for the home or away jersey? Now it’s available as a mask! AS Monaco launches today two new mask styles which follow the styles of the uniforms worn by the players this season. The first is red and white, like the home jersey, and the second is blue and yellow, like the away shirt.

These 3-layer masks are reusable and washable up to 20 times. They are OEKO-TEX certified and 100% recyclable. For children, a third type of mask is available, washable (maximum 10 times) and reusable, respecting the AFNOR UNS1 & 2 recommendations.

To purchase these new mask styles, go directly to the AS Monaco Football Store (Les Jardins d´Apolline, 1 Promenade Honoré II, Monaco 98000) or to the online store.

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