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Presenting AS Monaco Esports

Presenting AS Monaco Esports

Launched in October 2016, AS Monaco Esports is the Principality club’s electronic sports division, and it’s one which continues to grow.

This is a section of AS Monaco that’s full swing. Since its creation, it has won several trophies on different games such as PES (a double winner of eFootball.Pro), Rocket League (Top 2 RLCS Season 8 finishes in Europe) and  Street Fighter with Mr Crimson being the 2021 Red Bull Kumite champion.

Two of the top FIFA players

AS Monaco Esports is now focused primarily on the two big football games: PES, now renamed eFootball, and FIFA. As proof of this ambition, something echoed in the RISE.RISK.REPEAT brand, the Club has recruited highly talented players. Mino, winner of eLigue1 in 2020 and RayZiaaH, finalist in the same year, have just joined the team, and will aim to impress this season, with an eye on winning eLigue1.

A PES World Champion

On the PES side, the club will be able to rely on the three-time world champion Usmakabyle to wear – once again – the colors of AS Monaco. Since his arrival in 2018, he has been named the 2019 World Champion and also twice won eFootball.Pro, in 2019 and 2020.

AS Monaco Esports also wants to develop internationally. It is therefore with this in mind that a partnership has been created with Gambit Esports. This collaboration has notably enabled the creation of AS Monaco Gambit, whose players will play on Dota II and Fortnite. This year, more than ever, AS Monaco Esports wants to shine across several games.


Walid « Usmakabyle » Tebane and Lotfi « Lotfi » Derradji
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eFootball.Pro champion (x2)
eFootball.Pro runner-up
Usmakabyle: 2019 World Champion

Rocket League
TOP 2 RLRS Season 8 – Europe

Street Fighter
Mr Crimson: 2021 Red Bull Kumite Champion and 2020 French champion on Street Fighter V

Dragon Ball Z Fighter
RedBull Japan Saga Event in Tokyo
UFA 2019 in Paris

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