Club 16 November 2023, 16:00

AS Monaco strongly represented in ECA working groups

AS Monaco strongly represented in ECA working groups
The European Club Association (ECA) took advantage of the international break to launch a new cycle of activities (2023-2027) for its various newly-formed working groups. Represented in 4 of the 8 groups, AS Monaco was in Geneva to take part in the work

Over 4 days, from 13 to 16 November, the first meetings of the various working groups set up by the ECA for the next 4 seasons, up to 2027, were held. There are 8 groups in all, covering priority areas whose activities should serve as a basis for the ECA’s work and enable clubs to work together to tackle the future challenges facing football.

More than 200 designated representatives from 41 countries and 114 clubs took part in the work of these groups, which are divided as follows: Men’s Football, Women’s Football, Youth Football, Finance, Commercial & Innovation, Sustainability, Legal & Regulatory, and Governance & Development.

4 representatives from the 8 working groups

With a representative in 4 different groups (Juan Sartori, Club Vice President – Governance; Thiago Scuro, CEO – Men’s Football; Pascal de Maesschalck, Director of Young Player Development – Training; Luca Militti, Director of Strategy and Finance – Sustainability), AS Monaco is one of the most represented clubs. This presence is in addition to the recent election of Juan Sartori to the ECA’s Board of Directors, and will give the Rouge & Blanc club the opportunity to debate key issues concerning the future of the game and to participate in its development.

As stated by ECA : « Working Groups play a vital role in shaping ECA’s activities. They serve as a critical platform that brings together the different ECA Members to discuss and share information, exchange and update opinions, and develop and substantiate common positions so that the clubs speak as one voice. One of the core functions of these Working Groups is to provide recommendations and support to the ECA Board, ECA Executive Committee, and ECA Representatives in various stakeholder committees with transparency and engagement. » 

About the ECA

Founded in 2008, the main objectives of the European Club Association (ECA) are to safeguard and promote the interests of European clubs and football, contribute to the development of UEFA club competitions and encourage the exchange of information and best practice between clubs.

The ECA comprise 339 clubs from UEFA’s 55 member national associations.