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Fodé Ballo-Touré: "Nothing is done"

Fodé Ballo-Touré: "Nothing is done"
The left-back Red and White faced the media two days before the trip to Angers. Excerpts.

“Happy with this victory against Lyon. It’s a reference match. We are in a good dynamic and we must continue on this pace.

“We are getting to know each other better. The injured are back and they are fit. In training we work on what goes well but also our weak points. The chemistry arrives, especially on the side with Rony Lopes. We do not need to talk, we understand each other. ”

“The coach asks me to be attentive defensively and when I can go down my side and send in crosses.

“We can dream in football. Everything is going very fast. Today the goal is to win until the break. We will see what happens next. The coach keeps telling us that nothing is done. For him, it’s only the beginning of this second part of the season. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.