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Franck Passi: "Staying up is the No. 1 objective"

Franck Passi: "Staying up is the No. 1 objective"
Under the weather, the coach has left his place in the press conference to his assistant, Franck Passi.

“We are progressing at the end of the matches.” We always have more opportunities than we do.

Players like Naldo or Fabregas, those are great players so they have no problem to blend into a group. Fabregas is already very important. He’s a stabilizer. He gives confidence to others. It’s the same for Naldo.

“The Strasbourg players know how to make an impact on the game.” They have confidence in their latest wins, “We want to capitalize on our draws against Nice and OM, and if we win, the players will be relieved in their heads.

Staying up is the primary objective to achieve. There is also the League Cup in relation to the fact that we are already in the semi-finals.

Rise. Risk. Repeat.