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Is Folarin Balogun really a NASCAR driver ?

Is Folarin Balogun really a NASCAR driver ?
Who was behind the wheel of the racing car in the video presenting the American recruit?

« Was your driver mentioned in the Folarin Balogun transfer announcement? »

No, @kensethology, you’re right, it wasn’t Folarin Balogun, AS Monaco’s latest recruit, who was behind the wheel of the NASCAR* car, as has been suggested on Twitter…

Donuts” to welcome Balo’

But since they are both born in the United States (one in New York, the other in Daytona Beach, Florida), and both are going very fast, it was tempting to bring Folarin and NASCAR together in this original presentation clip, produced by the Club’s content team.

Michel Disdier, nicknamed “a Frenchman in NASCAR*” and supporter of AS Monaco, kindly played the game aboard his racing car bearing the number 20 (the number of our striker in the national team…), speeding along the laces leading to the AS Monaco Performance Centre, before making a few “donuts” revealing “Daghe Balogun” !

Michel Disdier, a Frenchman in NASCAR

Just as Folarin was discovering football, Michel Disdier began his adventure across the Atlantic in 2007, via the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series in Montreal, on the circuit named Gilles Villeneuve, the winner of the 1981 Monaco Grand Prix.

Well-known to motor sport fans, the Côte d’Azur driver, who took the start of a race on the legendary Daytona International Speedway oval circuit for the first time in 2014, presented his NASCAR at the 78th edition of the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2021.

The filming brought together the two sportsmen, who share a taste for speed and precision, in this original video which has been much commentated and appreciated by the fans.

*For the uninitiated, NASCAR, which stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is the main organiser of stock car racing in the United States, the most popular motor race in our attacker’s homeland.

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