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Jemerson : "Find a balance"

Jemerson : "Find a balance"
The Brazilian central defender spoke to the media two days before the trip to Toulouse; here are excerpts.
It's a very important game, a game we have to win. We have to go there and put in a great performance to get back up the standings. We know that Toulouse are not very good, that they are last, but it will be a very difficult match because they will want to do everything to re-start their season. We must go with confidence and serenity.
These matches away from home are difficult, we have to face very motivated teams in front of their supporters, the facts of this do not always make for a favorable match ... Despite everything we put in good performances in Saint-Etienne and Bordeaux, even if we made mistakes that cost us dearly, but that's the past and now we have to look ahead.
Nobody likes to concede goals, we have to find a balance collectively. We must find this balance to be stronger. It comes about through communication in training, and in a match, it's a daily job. We must always add more intensity and concentration in everything we do. Only that can allow us to do it.

I did not perform well last season compared to what I had showed before. It's part of a player's life, these ups and downs, but the important thing is to always keep working to become powerful again. The difference is in one's head. We must be aware of this, know where we are, where we want to go, andchange the details that can improve things, the work in training, after training, food ... We try to leave nothing to chance.
Everything is done so that we fight for the top places, the board have made good recruitment, the staff put everything in place, we work every day towards this idea. At the moment we are not producing enough quality to be where we want to be, we have to work to get back to a level that really suits us. The past can not be changed, we must focus on the present, to improve the future.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.