Abdou Salam Ag JIDDOU

Abdou Salam Ag JIDDOU

20 years old Midfielder

Informations personnelles

  • 01/02/2000 in Sanakoroba (Mali)
  • 14/08/2018 Joined club
  • Right Footed Laterality
  • Mali Nationality


After graduating from the Jean-Marc Guillou Academy in Bamako, Abdou Salam Ag Jiddou decided to sign with AS Monaco in the summer of 2018. Coming from the Targui community, of which he is the first and only representative of the Mali national team, the young man is one of the greatest hopes of African football. A semi-finalist for the last U-17 World Cup (with a goal and three assists), he was also voted Best African Youth Player of 2017.
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