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Philipp Köhn on a Humanitarian Mission in Brazil!

Philipp Köhn on a Humanitarian Mission in Brazil!
During the summer break, our goalkeeper Philipp Köhn went to Brazil, to the favelas of Pedreira in São Paulo to meet the children of the “Casa Dos Curumins” Association (an organization whose objective is the protection of children against violence and abandonment) as part of an operation supported by AS Monaco

From Monaco to São Paulo, Philipp Köhn has traded the Principality for the lively streets of Brazil, where he met the children of the “Casa Dos Curumins” Association, founded in 2005.

Visiting the facilities, activities with the young beneficiaries of the association amid some wild football matches, Philipp Köhn fully invested his time with the approximately 500 children in the favelas of Pedreira (São Paulo).

“I would like to thank the “Casa dos Curumins” project for the invitation and the opportunity to support the project as an ambassador. “Casa dos Curumins” means “Children’s House” and it is a joint project between Switzerland and Brazil in a socially disadvantaged area of Sao Paulo,” said Philipp Köhn.

This operation, born from links between Switzerland and Brazil, is supported by AS Monaco. Accompanied by Pierre Hagmann (Consul General of Switzerland in São Paulo), the Swiss international goalkeeper distributed equipment in the colors of the Monegasque club.

“It’s an honor to participate in this project and help the children of São Paulo. I would also like to thank our club, AS Monaco, for its support and the wonderful gifts that I was able to bring to the children. Because it is only together that we are strong! This is true in football, as it is in life,” concluded the Swiss goalkeeper.

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Learn more about the Association Casa dos Curumins

“Casa dos Curumins” is a Brazilian-Swiss non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote human development and social inclusion of children and young people, targeting low-income populations living in the favelas of Pedreira in São Paulo, Brazil, in a transparent and sustainable manner. Over the years, several projects have been implemented in the areas of education, art, culture, sports and leisure, among others, contributing to the process of transformation of this area for the benefit of residents themselves and society as a whole. Today, the projects welcome, care for, feed and educate around 500 young people.