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Leonardo Jardim : "Win our duels"

Leonardo Jardim : "Win our duels"
Leonardo Jardim answered journalists' questions before the team hosted LOSC this Saturday at 20.45; here are some excerpts.
The most important thing today is to support the players. We need to play a good match, for ourselves and for our fans. Our goal is always victory and we will have to stay focused, show more desire than the opponent and have the ability to win duels.
I never came here with a bottle of champagne when everything was fine, when we were on the podium, champions or in the Champions League semi-final. I do not come with my head down when things are not going well. I am a coach, I am on the front line, I fully assume responsibility. If that can allow the players to work in peace, that's fine with me.
If we had been successful in all of our matches, today we would be in first ... But the reality is that in the first few matches we did not take enough points. From that point on, the pace has been that of our best years, where we approached 70 points. Our ambition is to continue at this pace.
Football needs madness, but also balance, it is a perpetual search for a coach.
Rise. Risk. Repeat.