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Thierry Henry: "Finding answers"

Thierry Henry: "Finding answers"
Thierry Henry came to answer questions from journalists after the match against Montpellier.

“A match is 90 minutes. It was good for an hour but we lost. Playing one hour is not enough to win a match.”

“We must find answers to not drop intensity after an hour of play. We managed to hold Caen, but not tonight. We did well for a long time, we managed to play between the lines from behind but we did not manage to put it away. I am thinking of the crossbar of Golovin in particular. After this action it became harder.”

“The first goal of Montpellier comes after a cross that we didn’t do well with, and the second on an individual error. We must refocus as quickly as possible to win a win in Amiens Tuesday.”

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