French Cup 23 January 2019, 00:17

Thierry Henry: "We will go on a mission"

Thierry Henry: "We will go on a mission"
The coach presented himself to the media after the elimination in the Coupe de France following the defeat against Metz. Excerpts.

“We had a lot of chances at the beginning of the match, by Sidibé, Golovin, Lopes … But we still made a mistake on the first goal, and on the second we should have stopped the shooter. Having already seen the game, we should have led but we do not finish well enough. It’s still a hard blow.

In Dijon it’s going to be war. Same as Guingamp on Tuesday. It is absolutely necessary to get something in Dijon this weekend. I have the impression that there is a real problem at Stade Louis II. I have a hard time finding out why, I have a hard time believing it. The team makes more mistakes at home than away.”

“It’s in those moments where we have to be united, where we have to show ourselves, we have to be more decisive, we have to be mentally stronger. We managed to erase these problems, but we fell back into our way.

We will create a small group to go on a mission. With players who have the “fiber” of the club. We will tighten all that. We must go and stop talking. The future of the players and the club goes through Ligue 1. It is necessary to get out of this critical situation and quickly.”

Rise. Risk. Repeat.