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Fabregas, the list of glory

Fabregas, the list of glory
With Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​Chelsea and the Spanish national team, Cesc Fàbregas has won fifteen major trophies including the World Cup in 2010. An exceptional record.

The titles of Cesc Fàbregas

2004 : Community Shield (Arsenal)
2005 : FA Cup (Arsenal)
2008: European Championship (Spain)
2010: World Cup (Spain)
2011: Supercopa (Barcelona)
2011: Super Cup (Barcelona)
2011: Club World Cup (Barcelona)
2012: Copa del Rey (Barcelona)
2012: European Championship (Spain)
2013: Liga (Barcelona)
2013: Supercopa (Barcelona)
2015: Premier League (Chelsea)
2015: League Cup (Chelsea)
2017: Premier League (Chelsea)
2018: FA Cup (Chelsea)

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