The 1970s: La Diagonale makes a name for itself

The 1970s: La Diagonale makes a name for itself

Unlike the ’60s, the ’70s started off in more middling fashion, AS Monaco would end up on top thanks to the trio of Petit, Dalger, and Onnis  This period also marks the birth of the Monegasque academy.

After two seasons in Division 2, the Rouge et Blanc were back in the top flight in 1971-1972. Their return to the second division, in 1972-1973, only lasted one season, then AS Monaco were in Division 1 for three years, and played a Coupe de France final, which they lost to St-Etienne in 1974. As it had four years earlier, the team’s time in Division 2 lasted only one season.

Beginning of the “Campora era”

This was a last wobble, then for a team that would regain its greatness under the leadership of its young president, Jean-Louis Campora, who took over in 1975. On the pitch, emblematic players would carry the team, such captain Jean Petit, the talented Christian Dalger, and of course the prolific Argentinian striker, Delio Onnis, who will become the record scorer at AS Monaco (223), and also in Division 1 (299 goals), the predecessor to Ligue 1.

Promotion and then a title

Behind the scenes, the creation of the Training Center in 1975 gave the club a new perspective. This innovative initiative wold quickly bear fruit; in 1977-1978, the team achieved the feat of being champion of France a year after promotion. Ettori, Vannucci, Gardon, Courbis, Vitalis, Correa, Moizan, Noguès, Chaussin, Dalger, Onnis, Rouquette and François engraved their names in the history of the club, as did their coach, Lucien Leduc, as the man who led the club to its first titles had returned to the bench with smashing success — thus was born the AS Monaco of modern times.

Banide and the youngsters

After his departure and the arrival of Gérard Banide as coach, and a victory in the Coupe de France, the end of the 1979-1980 season marked the end of a generation which would gradually give way to the team’s “youth movement.” Bellone, Amoros, Bravo, Bijotat, Ricort, Couriol and many other young talents had been gradually joining the first team and were preparing to lead AS Monaco to the top.

Rise. Risk. Repeat.