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Leonardo Jardim: "We have to start from scratch"

Leonardo Jardim: "We have to start from scratch"
The manager has given his first press conference since his return, on the eve of a major semifinal of the League Cup against Guingamp (21:05).

“My vacation is now over. The first time I came it was for the club and the leaders who bet on me four years ago. I could not refuse because of the club’s difficult situation.

We can achieve our goals by implementing some changes through the transfer market and with current players. As I mentioned at the beginning of the season we can not reach the podium given our current situation. I want to start from scratch, forget the past. We must improve, take stock by putting in place the things necessary to achieve our goal. “

“Sincerely, I do not think about the past. Today we are in a new situation, we have clear goals, for the championship and for the cup matches. The players must know that they play for AS Monaco, a great club that has had great performances. We need to start from scratch.

It’s a special competition. It’s a nice story for Guingamp. They won a cup in recent years. We respect this team. They are usually stronger at home. We must do our utmost to give us the opportunity to reach the final. “

Rise. Risk. Repeat.